Productive Meetings using a GroupMind Template

Teams can accomplish amazing things when they plan and create processes that generate real results. A starting place for most plans and processes are meetings; love them or hate them, meetings are one of our primary process tools for reaching our goals.

Productive meetings can be the catalyst for exciting ideas, efficient processes, and tightly-aligned teams. The trick: create a plan and a process for meetings so they can be a vehicle for productivity.

GroupMind is a collaboration methodology and toolset that helps organize and focus meetings with templates. A template is a series of cloud-based software tools that provide a step-by-step methodology for making meetings a powerful tool in the process of planning and execution.

Productive Meeting Template (process)

Meeting Tool #1: Agenda created with Survey Tool

Involve all participants with a survey that creates a better, more engaging agenda

Meeting tool #2: Interactive Presentation

One-way communication can be limiting. The GM SlideShow allows participants to comment in real time as they view the presentation. This level of engagement and feedback helps refine ideas and generate buy-in.

Meeting Tool #3: IdeaSet

Great ideas make great companies. Unfortunately, sharing ideas within a company isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Ideation can be slowed by rank, culture, process, and more. You can get ideas percolating jam begins with by fostering an environment of trust and providing a tool mechanism for people to share and discuss.

Meeting Tool #4: Discussion

Threaded discussions allow everyone to “speak at the same time” and strips away titles. It helps answer the question, “what are people really thinking?”

Meeting Tool #5: Share and track meeting results with GM Utilities

Sharing utilities GroupMail, FlipChart, and Grid, help teams manage and share initiatives in a familiar, cloud-based environment.

This set of tools used in concert will help meetings to become interactive, useful parts of the plan.

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