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Successful planning and organization development typically requires a process that is inclusive, effective, and time-tested by organizations like GroupMind. Who should be involved, and how? What will make our plan a living, dynamic guide? What tools will help us track changes in our environment? These questions can be difficult for managers.

Using the GroupMind collaborative methodology, a process that applies cloud-software tools to common planning processes, I help teams leverage their collective intelligence to define the following:

  • A vision of where we want to be
  • A well-grounded assessment of the environment
  • An understanding of the key values that underpin our decisions
  • A clear mission that explains why we exist
  • Objectives that clearly define what we are going to do
  • Decision support for our intended actions
  • Strategies that anticipate the steps required to make plans a reality
A strategic plan or organizational development document looks to the future while also creating processes that align the people responsible for making the plan succeed. 

The GroupMind collaboration methodology generates results by bringing many voices into the decision making or planning process. The methodology uses cloud-based software tools to leverage collective intelligence, generate buy-in, and build team alignment. The methodology brings forward ideas, prioritizes objectives, and establishes processes that increase chances for success.

Our process depends on collaborative sessions with team members, either together or remotely, to gather data (ideas), make sense of the data, and share conclusions in a way that creates buy-in and participation. The tools include things like “IdeaSet” and “Discussion;” you can try these software tools out by visiting the Live Tool Demo page of the GroupMind web site.

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