Organizational Development

Setting strategic goals is one thing. Achieving them is another. A good organization development process can be critical to both.  GroupMind helps organizations plan for a sustainable future while putting in place structures that help achieve that future.

A good organizational development (OD) process will seek to increase the effectiveness of the organization while also providing opportunities for growth of individuals that make it go. By maximizing the full potential of both people and teams the OD process can energize participants and make them part of the vision. The plan will also reflect short and long term structures and activities that make success a likely outcome.

Top-level OD objectives often include development of structures and processes that can capitalize on opportunities and allow the organization to operate efficiently in a sustainable, ongoing basis. And while external market forces are usually considered, internal interpersonal necessities, such as structures that foster trust and commitment among coworkers are also key.

Identifying structures and processes that tend toward conflict can be difficult in normal meeting settings. GroupMind tools allow anonymous input that allow people to feel safe when identify problem areas. Collaborative tools also encourage participation and buy-in and allow change to be introduced systematically.