Facilitation and planning

When your team shares their thinking, everyone gets involved. The result is accelerated alignment. Facilitating this process involves creating a safe space with a defined process. The process begins with understanding high level goals, then creating a framework that leverages collective intelligence to generate results.

As a facilitator using the GroupMind methodology, David Wright Communications provides clients with an engaging process that results in tangible reports that document organizational objectives and operational steps required to achieve them.

GroupMind methodology

Step 1 – create a level playing field for sharing ideas (and begin to understand what people really think). Visual tools allow many participants to rapidly input honest thinking, set priorities, share documents, make decisions and track initiatives. Managers, change agents and initiative owners do better when they know what people really think. Honest information is a starting place for change to take hold and stick. offers tools like IdeaSet, Discussion, Survey to glean insights into team thinking and level the playing field for candid communications. [read more]

Step 2 – make sense of the data. Giving the team a role in prioritizing and ranking ideas is a critical phase of the participation and buy-in process. This step of the process encourages honest exchanges and help flesh out the justifications for a ranked set of priorities.

Step 3 – Share the plan and encourage participation. The plan becomes useful when it’s easy to understand and encourages participation.

Step 4. Evaluate results and continually update the plan. Continuing the collaborative process increases the chance of the plan becoming reality.

Messaging & Content Development

Clear, accurate language can help readers quickly understand and retain your message. By using a proven process, David Wright Communications will distill the essence of your value proposition, state it in clear, concise language, and help you share it with desired audiences.

There are literally thousands of Content management systems (CMS) in the world. Wikipedia has assembled a nice list. However, most everyone can live with one of the following CMS options:

DWC provides technical solutions that makes your message compatible with multiple devices and formats.  DWC has designed and developed corporate messaging for virtually every format, including Web, mobile, email, print, live presentations, CD, and TV & radio.

DWC partners with:


An effective marketing strategy should increase brand awareness, sales, and growth. With over 15 years of communication design experience, DWC effectively matches messages with design to communicate both image and value. We write focused marketing plans, develop action plans, and deliver results.



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