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(index.html) – Home
We’ve been doing barcode inventory systems for over 20 years

We know that keeping track of assets, inventory, and products is critical to the success of your business. Let us help you choose and affordable, reliable system that can interface with other systems and be customized specifically to you.

(index.html) – Capital Asset & Physical Inventory: AsseTrac
Field Inventory
Assets Tracking
Proper tracking of corporate assets is critical to any business. Consider AsseTrack, a full-featured barcode asset-tracking system that reliably tracks field inventory. AsseTrac is one of the most affordable, easy-to-use periodic inventory tools available.  HYPERLINK “assetrac.htm” [Read more about AsseTrac features]
[callout: HYPERLINK “assetrac_case.htm”Case Study, link]

(index.html) – Equipment Check-in and Check-out: !Checkout
Tool Room Tracking
Stockroom Parts Inventory
Document Tracking
When employees check equipment in and out of your facility, it is important to know where it went, who it went with, and when it is coming back. Keeping track of your tools, tapes, and other portable inventory is a snap with !Checkout equipment check-in, check-out barcode system. Maintenance schedules and more are easily tracked.
HYPERLINK “checkout.htm” [Read more about !Checkout features]
HYPERLINK “checkout_case.htm” [Case Study, link]

(index.html) – Consumable Inventory (Quantity-based): !Instock
Work In Progress (WIP) Inventory & Tracking
Production Inventory Management
A fully-equipped warehouse inventory system can provide you with an easy and intuitive method of tracking inventory and WIP. AsseTrac is a complete system that can grow as your company expands and provide up-to-the-minute reports about supplies, work in progress, and more.
HYPERLINK “instock_case.htm” [Case Study, link]
HYPERLINK “instock.htm” [Read more about !Instock]

(index.html) – Mixed Quantity, Location Specific: !Instock Serialized
Work In Progress (WIP) Inventory & Tracking
Location Mapping
When mixed inventories are stored in large warehouses, knowing the location of a single item can be an important time-saver to warehouse managers. With !Instock Serialized you can track all relevant data about your products and find them instantly.
HYPERLINK “instockserial.htm” [Read more about !Instock Serialized]
HYPERLINK “instockserial_case.htm” [Case Study, link]

(index.html) – Who is ASAP
Barcode Data Collection Experts for Over 20 Years
ASAP Systems has been providing custom barcode solutions for over twenty years to clients large and small in virtually every industry. We pride ourselves on creating systems that are fully customizable, affordable, and integrate seamlessly with existing data collection systems.

And we guarantee our products. Either you attain the results you expect or we’ll take the full system back, no questions asked. We use only Intermec terminals and custom software that is both robust and customizable.

ASAP is a company of ten employees located in sunny Santa Cruz, California, also known as Silicon Beach. We were founded in 1980 and judge our success by the success of our clients, who include Client Name, Client Name 2, Client Name 3, and many others.

(index.html) – ASAP Systems Interfaces with other systems
ASAP data collection systems can be integrated with your existing data collection system or other inventory application. We specialize in developing systems that are compatible with most existing databases.

(index.html) – System Components
Portable terminals
Fixed-station terminals
Bar code scanners
Bar code printers
Preprinted and ruggedized bar code labels
On-site bar code labels
File importing and exporting
Programming for fixed terminals
Custom programming
User training
Communications between terminals and host
PC-based application software
Relational databases
Unmatched support and service

(assetrac.html) – Capital Asset & Physical Inventory: !AsseTrac
A periodic inventory of capital assets, documents, equipment, and other items that require physical inventory can be easily managed using !AsseTrac.

Using !AsseTrac portable scanners to gather data, you gain complete control of data using customized software on the corporate LAN or desktop PC. User-defined custom reports give managers information that is useful and up-to-date, and menu-driven data entry makes !AsseTrac an easy, affordable solution for most companies.

The !AsseTrac System features

– Optional enterprise or host system interface
– Fixed station data collection terminals
– Supplier record maintenance
– Scheduled Depreciation Calculators
– Detailed asset description capacity (dimensions and other characteristics)
– Download validation files to portable terminals
– Bar code printers
– Ruggedized pre-printed labels
– Maintenance scheduling
– Location transfer scheduling
– custom reports
– data integration with existing systems
– Customization, installation, documentation and training available

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– Unique Links:
Case Study
Download Demo
– Images: report screen, AssetTrac interface screenCap

(checkout.html) – Equipment Check-in and Check-out: !Checkout
Shared resources, such as tools, document stacks, tapes, CDs, and other company assets require special attention. A reliable barcode system for check-in/check-out of these items ensures that company assets are always accounted for. !Checkout is a fully-integrated check-in/out barcode solution that tracks assets and reports on maintenance schedules.
The !Checkout System offers a wide range of features, including
– portable barcode terminals and software
– PC or LAN software
– communications software
– custom configuration for any check in/out environment
– training and ongoing support
– custom reports
– data integration with existing systems

!Checkout provides mangers with instant point-and-click reports regarding equipment activity and maintenance, and eliminates manual data entry that is costly and often inaccurate. !Checkout typically pays for itself in a short time due to savings in equipment loss, maintenance efficiency, and staff time.
And !Checkout is easy to use. Because all procedures are prompted and menu-driven, anyone can begin using the system right away. Searching for an individual product is a snap thanks to intuitive keyword search functions from any screen. Inventory reports are professional and give managers the information they need to make informed decisions.

Our support team will guide you through setup of the !Checkout solution, at your convenience. Training and  HYPERLINK “support.html” support are always available.

Please take a minute to  HYPERLINK “download.html” download our demo and see for yourself the power, flexibility, and ease-of-use of !Checkout. We recommend the

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