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Providing intuitive views of key people, concepts, and time frames with MetaLINCS.

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Seagate E-Discovery Suite 4.5

Intuitive, Analysis-Powered E-Discovery for unprecedented insight, unparalleled effectiveness and the lowest cost

E-Discovery Suite from Seagate Services integrates E-Discovery steps from First Pass Processing through Advanced Processing Analysis, Review and Production. The suite’s advanced content analysis capability works across the E-Discovery life cycle to minimize the set of documents that need to be processed and reviewed, while providing greater insight for early case assessment and for SMART Review.

Available as licensed software, an appliance or a managed service, MetaLINCS provides intuitive views of key people, concepts, and timeframes.  E-Discovery Suite reduces the risks and costs of E-Discovery by delivering a modern, scalable architecture, a web-based user interface, advanced search and unique visual analysis tools. It integrates seamlessly with outside services and third-party review and production tools, expanding your options further.

Analytic First Pass Processing

MetaLINCS First Pass Processing, the most sophisticated analytic preprocessing engine in the industry, helps you cull and deduplicate your document set to minimize processing costs.

Single Pass Processing

Single pass processing allows you to go from First Pass Processing to Advanced Processing, Analysis, Review and Production, all in one solution.

Comprehensive Analysis

We pioneered the use of sophisticated analysis in E-Discovery and continue to offer the broadest, most advanced set of solutions for the E-Discovery life cycle from Collection through Production.

Integrated Review with Redaction

Our full-featured review application provides powerful management and tracking features to execute and monitor the review process.

Extensible 64 bit Enterprise Software

E-Discovery Suite has a 64-bit service oriented architecture with a web UI. It flexibly integrates with your existing systems.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly reduces data set size
  • Enables early case assessment
  • Improves litigation success rate
  • Cuts E-Discovery costs up to 50%
  • Use one integrated tool from First
  • Pass Process through Production
  • View relationships among people,
  • documents, email, concepts,
  • timeframes and more
  • Create custom review assignments
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • 64-bit architecture integrates easily
  • Use as appliance, software or service


[product #2]

Seagate Managed Services:

Use any or all of our analysis-powered E-Discovery capabilities to cut risks, costs and time

Managed Service lets you use the world’s leading content analysis technology as a hosted service. Our Analysis-Powered E-Discovery Platform identifies relevant documents at unprecedented speed and prepares you for SMART review. You quickly, accurately and inexpensively cull and deduplicate thousands of items. The same powerful analytics help you perform early case assessment and develop your litigation strategy as soon as possible. During review you see documents in context, and reveal email threads and content

relationships all at the click of a button. MetaLINCS integrates seamlessly with your exiting workflow and other services and review tools.

With Managed Services you tune your use of our advanced E-Discovery technology and services to your needs, creating a highly accurate and productive E-Discovery solution. In a typical scenario, you access the specific modules you need—we host everything in our secure hosting environment. You can also choose to use the entire MetaLINCS E-Discovery workflow, from the Collection Service, through fast and economical First Pass Processing, to Advanced Processing, Analysis, Review and Production. Our proven automated content analysis capability can cut your review costs and time in half.

Key Benefits

  • Hosted service —no capital expense
  • Use only the E-Discovery capabilities you need
  • Advanced content analysis enables early assessment and litigation strategy
  • View relationships among people,documents, email, concepts,timeframes and more
  • Cut E-Discovery costs up to 50%


[Product #3]

Seagate First Pass Processing:

Cull and de-duplicate data with industry-leading accuracy

First Pass Processing, from Seagate Services E-Discovery, culls and deduplicates even terabytes of data quickly, with the industry’s highest level of accuracy. Utilizing MetaLINCS advanced analysis capability, First Pass Processing reduces the size of your dataset in preparation for further E-Discovery processes, while ensuring you cull only irrelevant documents. To meet your specific needs, First Pass Processing is available as an appliance, licensed software or as a service.

First Pass Processing reduces data set size through deduplication, and efficient, flexible and customizable culling criteria. It also assures accurate First Pass Processing via industry-leading analysis capability and seamlessly upgrades to optional Advanced Processing, Analysis, SMART Review and Production. Available as an appliance, as software running on your hardware, or as a service.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly reduces data set size
  • Highly accurate
  • Uses world-leading MetaLINCS Analysis-Powered E-Discovery technology
  • Connects easily to leading archives and internal repositories
  • Available as appliance, software or service
  • Upgrades seamlessly to Advanced Processing, Analysis, Review, and Production

About Seagate

Seagate Technology has been at the forefront of the storage industry for more than 25 years. With corporate offices in Scotts Valley, California, Seagate employs more than 56,000 people around the world—all contributing to the development of the company’s next-generation storage products. From the first 5.25-inch hard drive for the PC to the development of perpendicular recording technology, the company has been pioneering new industry standards that have fueled advancements in the digital information age. Through technology leadership and innovation, Seagate continues to help individuals and businesses maximize the potential of their digital content in an ever-evolving, on-demand world.

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