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DVD 1[seconds] A Future Filled With Opportunity
(no voice over)


DVD 2[15 seconds] Future World
We are Future Games, the largest publisher of video game magazines on the planet, delivering 61 editions to 15 territories for a total of 2.4 million copies each month.Let Future Games take you for an inside look at the world of gaming…


DVD 3[seconds] A multi-sensory experience
It’s no wonder so many people love playing video games. They provide a multi-sensory, interactive experience, merging the elements of animation, motion picture production, music, and technology resulting in the most complete form of audio/visual entertainment available.The multi-sensory nature of video games has made cross-over marketing a success as music soundtracks appear in video game action, games become movies, and movies become games. As these entertainment universes collide consumers find video games to be a truly complete and compelling entertainment activity.


It’s time for marketers to get connected to the street  It’s time to build brand awareness through video games, the world’s fastest growing form of entertainment.


Let’s take a closer look at this exciting and high-growth entertainment industry.



DVD 4[30 seconds] A Hot Industry (1)
Gamers represent a mass market – over 225 million computer and video games were sold in 2001. That’s almost 2 games for every home in the country.Gamers now number over 145 million people playing games on a regular basis – that’s 60% of all Americans age 6 and older.


By comparison, that’s more than twice as many as attend major league baseball games each year, and over three times the number visiting the top 5 US amusement parks.


Gamers are a truly massive consumer group


DVD 5[20 seconds] A Hot Industry (2)
And if the sheer number of gamers doesn’t amaze you, take a look at what they are spending.In 2002, digital entertainment expenditures surpassed $10 billion dollars, a 10% increase over the previous year and surpassing movie box office receipts.


Games are the fastest growing entertainment industry of all and will soon overtake even the mammoth music business, currently estimated at over $12 billion in domestic sales.


DVD 6[15 seconds] Battle Buzz: Sony v. Microsoft
Sony and Microsoft are two of the world’s largest companies, and they are locked in a marketing battle for gamer platform loyalty.While Sony continues to hold the dominant position in console sales, Microsoft will spend big to close the gap with an estimated $2 billion dollars for over the next five years.


Sony will market hard to hold the lead with a marketing investment of $275 million over the next 18 months in the US alone.



DVD 7[45 seconds] Sony’s PS2
Sony is the heavyweight in the gamer market with the enormously popular PlayStation 2.Launched in 2000, the PS2 has a massive installed base of over 16 million consoles in US homes. With the most software titles and the ability to play DVD movies, PS2 continues Sony’s lead in the home gaming space.


And analysts expect strong growth in 2003. Recent initiatives include PS2 Online, which garnered 400,000 new registered users in the five months following the internet launch. It now adds 2,500 new users every single day, most of who have broadband connections. The online growth is so strong that the company shipped over 1,000,000 network adapters in the first quarter of 2003.



DVD 8[20 seconds] Microsoft’s Xbox
In 2001 Microsoft entered the console market with the XBox,  the most technologically sophisticated game console ever developed, sporting a broadband port, DVD and CD functionality, and even a built-in HDTV tuner.Xbox quickly established itself and took second position in market share behind sony. In just one year the XBox installed base reached 5.3 million.


Online  XBox owners are signing on to Microsoft’s secure broadband network, Xbox Live, at a rate of 100,000 per month. Initiated in November, 2002, Xbox Live operates on a subscription model and requires a broadband connection. Subscribers receive a one year term, communicator headset, and requisite software. There are now over 350,000 subscribers.



DVD 9[20 seconds] Console Gamers are Now…
Let’s take a closer look at the demographic make up of today’s video gamer2/3 of console gamers are male, and about half are under 18. Over 80% fall into the 18-35 age range.


Overall, 14% of the US population over 12 years old can be considered gamers. It’s an enormous audience, and growing fast.



DVD 10 Console Gamers Enjoy
Compared to the general population aged 12+, video gamers are avid and active lifestyle consumers.As you can see, gamers enjoy both conventional sports, such as basketball and baseball, but also the newest trends such as snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. They are avid movie watchers and spend money on personal hygiene products, such as breath fresheners, hair gels, and deodorants.




DVD 11 Gamers ARE Consumers
Because gamers are consumers. From snack foods to branded clothing and merchandise, gamers have disposable income to spare. On average, household expense of all OXM and PSM readers  for video games averages $70 each month.



DVD 12[15 seconds] They’re Talking About Gamers
Industry leaders in entertainment media agree: gamers are a lucrative consumer group but difficult to reach using traditional advertising methods.Video games are the solution, according to the experts, as “the most utilized media vehicle in the world for this target audience.”





DVD 13[20 seconds] Console Loyalty
Gamers tend to be quite loyal to their console brand, be it PlayStation, XBox, or others.Getting started with a console and a few games typically costs around $400. right out of the gate.


Less than 12% of the gaming population owns more than one of the latest generation consoles.


This is an important statistic, since Future Game publications target a single platform.



DVD 14[20 seconds] Single Platform
Playstation 2 owners want to read about Playstation 2 games and consoles. XBox owners don’t care about GameCube or Playstation 2.That’s why Future Games magazines are single-platform, and that’s why the vast majority of  PSM and OXM readers report reading more than 80% of each issue. Every page is relevant to them!


That means that advertisements are not overlooked, as often happens in other multi-platform publications. Single-platform publications are on the rise and provide a complete cover-to-cover read.


DVD 14.2 Chart #2  [circulation rate base]
Reader demand for single platform is an important reason for that Future Games can claim the largest readership of all game publications, with OXM reaching 2.7 million readers and PSM reaching 3.3 million readers every month.


DVD 14.3 Chart #2  [demographic price comparison]
When marketers choose the PSM/OXM bundle they earn the lowest CPM in the industry – under $32 dollars – which compares quite favorably to the higher priced EGM and GamePro offerings. With a combined rate base of 800,000, it is easy to see that PSM/OXM bundle has the farthest reach at the lowest cost.





DVD 19[25 seconds] Bundled Opportunity: The Power Play
Now you can reach both PS2 and Xbox owners with a bundled advertising opportunity in PlayStation Magazine and Xbox Magazine, a combined readership of over 3.5 million each month.With a joint monthly rate base of 800,000, the PSM/Xbox bundle is the largest unduplicated bundle in the game category.


Take advantage of discounted “combo” rates with the lowest CPM, guaranteed.






DVD 15[10 seconds] The PSM Payoff
It’s a fact: PSM is officially the best selling PlayStation magazine in the entire world. It’s 100% independent, which means it is unbiased and unrivaled – just the way our readers like it.


DVD 16[45 seconds] The PSM Payoff (2)
PSM has a current rate base of 400,000. The most recent ABC audit shows a paid circulation of 423,500.And our dominance is increasing: the PSM subscriber base increased by 54,000 copies in the second half of 2002 – a 23% gain, while sales at the newsstand went up by nearly 30,000 copies. Only five other consumer magazines in the world grew at a faster rate.


Compare those numbers to our closest competitor, OPM, where circulation actually decreased by 12% in 2002. With an audited circulation of 295,900 and multi-platform content, OPM impressions are only a fraction of PSM, which outsells OPM by 100,000 copies a month. And OPM hasn’t guaranteed a rate base in 2 1/2 years.




DVD 16.1 Lead over EGM/GamePro
Our circulation lead against EGM and GamePro is also quite large – and growing fast. OXM/PSM topped 707,000 in December of 2002, with a steep increase of 100,000 subscribers in the last six months of the year. Meanwhile, EGM and GamePro flatlined well short of the 550,000 mark.



DVD 17[20 seconds] OXM Delivers
Official Xbox Magazine is the number one selling official games magazine in the world, regardless of platform. It’s 100% official, 100% independent, and 100% Xbox.And OXM readers are consumers with buying power with over $60,000 in household income. OXM readers are 96% male, with a median age of 25. 84% of all OXM readers are between the ages of 12 and 34.





DVD 18[35 seconds] OXM Delivers (2)
OXM is big – and growing. We currently have a rate base of 325,000 and our rapid growth pushed OXM over the 400,000 subscriber mark by July 2003. Simply put: OXM became the world’s largest official game magazine in just a year and a half.The rapid growth in OXM subscribers is the result of top notch content, as evidenced by the nomination for Best New Magazine by the Western Publishers Association, and the award of Best US Title by News Group West-Canada in 2002. And, because  OXM is the essential Xbox accessory with an exclusive playable game disc in every issue.


The experts agree: OXM is a high quality publication that keeps readers coming back for more.








DVD 20[20 seconds] DVD on Magazine
Our readers love demo discs. In fact, gamers report demo discs to be the number one purchase influence, in large part because of “try before you buy” game samples. Its an added value that gamers respond to.Mounted on the cover of the magazine, the DVD presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers as well. With plenty of digital capacity, advertisers can offer demos, multimedia, TV spots and trailers, providing viewers with a virtual TV experience and a strong visual message about your product.




DVD 21[25 seconds] Events: Pursue Your Consumer
Marketers today know the importance of pursuing their consumer, and nothing beats live events for brand exposure and acceptance. Future Games merchandising is the best pop-culture program available, with event sponsorships such as Philips Fusion, Core Tour, American Snowboard Tour, Vans Triple Crown, and Target Beach Bash.Event packages include TV airtime and commercials, on-site signage, and sampling opportunities. We are in tune with our audience and provide them with regular reminders our magazine value.


None of our competitors offer the added value of live event marketing.




DVD 22[seconds] Recap: Industry Buzz
Video games are the ultimate entertainment medium. The sights, sounds, and interactivity bring true excitement into the home. It’s no wonder that video game sales continue growth of over 10% each year, poised to surpass even the massive movie industry in gross sales.





DVD 23[seconds] Recap: Circulation size; penetration of hard-to-reach audience
There is no better way to reach this massive, yet elusive audience that with Future Games publications. With over 3.5 million readers every month, the PSM/OXB bundle assures you the largest reach and the deepest penetration into the lucrative gamer market.



DVD 24[seconds] Recap: Unparalleled merchandising; #1 buy in gaming category
Future Games brings you the number one buy in the gaming category with targeted content, events and merchandising, and the largest circulation in the industry.




DVD 25[25 seconds] Has Your Advertising Got Game? ; 1st choice for gamers.
Future magazines are the smartest way for advertisers to get in the game with the largest unduplicated video game media buy available and the lowest CPM guarantee – anywhere. Our single-platform focus assures that your ads are not overlooked, and our 2 book bundle maximizes your reach.Has your advertising got game? Get in the game, and play to win with Future Game’s PSM and OXM.




DVD 26[25 seconds] Prototype Contest
Ask your research department contact to install our new MRI prototypes into your research database and be entered to win a complete home entertainment system, including TV, surround-sound stereo with speakers and a gaming console for your and your research department contact.As your Future Games representative for more details and be sure to grab the Prototype Contest one-sheet to win!

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