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Written by: David Wright
Brochure Design: Words & Images

Partner Brochure: Market Position Statement

Computing technology has entered our homes in some surprising ways. We interact with various devices, interfaces, and embedded operating systems throughout each day. As technology becomes increasingly involved in our lives, Philips sees new roles for computing technology at the center of the intelligent home – and new market opportunities for PC makers who share our vision.

Our research has taught us that consumers don’t really care for technology, but they love the benefits of technology. Therefore, Philips is committed to providing consumers with the benefits of computing technology while sparing them any awareness of the technology itself. We call this transparency “Ambient Intelligence”: the personalization of space, furnishings and devices that allow us to interact with our surroundings and information in natural, human ways.

Philips has a heritage of bringing technologies to market that improve peoples’ lives, and ambient intelligence is a natural extension of that heritage. As we weave technology into the fabric of our lives we also create new opportunities for consumer-focused partnerships. Ambient intelligence is the application of well-researched human interface design to digital and communication technology – and an opportunity for high-growth partnering between companies eager for new digital frontiers [continued – 14 pages]

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