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Lumenis UltraPulse SurgiTouch laser with Digital AcuBlade

A surgeon with a steady hand is a great thing. A surgeon with a robot is even better, particularly for laryngeal surgeons who now work directly on vocal cords. Their automated partner, the Lumenis UltraPulse SurgiTouch laser with Digital AcuBlade, has created a change so profound that surgical professionals are gathering at the 2008 AAO-HNS Conference on September 14 to discuss this life-changing technology.

For Gynecology, Otorhinolaryngology, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, and Aesthetics, Lumenis medical lasers offer clear advantages over conventional treatments. “The UltraPulse SurgiTouch laser with Digital AcuBlade changed my life – it changed the way I do laryngeal laser surgery” said Dr. Paul Castellanos, Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Alabama – Birmingham. “Patients see quicker recovery times and faster healing than conventional surgery, reduced thermal damage to surrounding tissues, and unparalleled char-free ablation, vaporization,  excision, or incision of soft tissues” said Castellanos.

“The UltraPulse SurgiTouch laser with Digital AcuBlade has improved CO2 laser delivery by improving accuracy of delivery, lessening thermal damage and decreasing operative time” says Dr. Mark Courey, Professor of Otolaryngology, University of California San Francisco School of Medicine. “These improvements are beneficial for both the patient and the surgeon” says Courey.

Laryngeal and head & neck laser surgeons have long desired increased simplification, effectiveness and safety for laser procedures close to delicate structures such as vocal cords or larger blood vessels. The Digital AcuBlade microsurgery system performs tissue incisions or ablations with a thermal damage zone of just 15 microns, making laser work directly on vocal cords possible. And, because the tool is automated, surgeons now operate with levels of precision and reproducibility that are unreachable by manual operation.


For some surgeons, like Dr. Andrew McWhorter, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University Voice Center,  the system has changed the way they practice. “The benefits of UltraPulse SurgiTouch with Digital AcuBlade over traditional CO2 laser delivery systems make it an essential tool in my treatment of laryngeal disease” The UltraPulse SurgiTouch combines the best in CO2 laser technologies and offers the most innovative approach to laser surgery today. It integrates the 60 Watt char-free pulse energy and the SurgiTouch user interface and scanner system. Surgeons enter geometric parameters into the SurgiTouch user interface and receive digital precision from the Digital AcuBlade.

“The new automatic and robotic features were developed to provide a long sought benefit to our users and customer base” said Mr. Lloyd Diamond, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Lumenis’ Surgical Business Unit.“Laryngeal and transoral laser microsurgery undergoes a paradigm shift with this added simplicity and effectiveness”said Diamond. “A further benefit is the increased economics for the hospital. Automation and simplified use lends itself to consider laser treatment a potential first line therapy relative to radiation treatment.”

The new UltraPulse SurgiTouch CO2 laser offers the broadest range of clinical applications and superior patient outcomes. The Digital AcuBlade moves the laser beam automatically at speeds and accuracies unreachable by manual laser beam movement. Hand tremor is eliminated.

As the leader in surgical laser technology, Lumenis lasers are used to treat patients across the wide range of medical specialties from head to toe—neurosurgery to podiatry. Through ongoing research and development, Lumenis continues to offer highly focused laser solutions, patient-driven enhancements and a tradition of strong customer service.

Join us at at the 2008 Aao-HNS from 9/xx through 9/xx in [city] to discuss this life-changing technology.



About Lumenis

Lumenis Ltd. is the global leader in medical and aesthetic lasers and light-based technology. Lumenis is dedicated to improving people’s lives with advanced technological solutions for treating their medical and cosmetic conditions. The name Lumenis means “Light of Life” in Latin, highlighting the importance of the light that forms the basis of our technologies used to enhance life.

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